Advanced Facial Recognition with the Face ID 3

faceid3-400-01-08Each biometric time clock or access control device uses a different set of biometric data to verify employee identities. A majority of biometric models available today for use in businesses use fingerprint scans in order to control access to restricted spaces and confirm employee identities for time tracking. Since fingerprints are unique, practically impossible to falsify or lose, and always easy for employees to use, many biometric devices are fingerprint time clocks using this important credential. While fingerprint devices are both convenient and secure and see widespread use across a wide range of industries, some businesses have a demand for a contact-free solution that can authenticate visitors and employees without physical touch. For these businesses, facial recognition models are the best solution.

Programmed with advanced detection algorithms and equipped with high-quality infrared cameras, facial recongition devices offer some of the most advanced access control available today. FingerTec USA’s Face ID 3 is a standout model utilizing the most cutting-edge technology to give businesses a truly modern biometric solution. The Face ID 3 enables multiple verification methods, even in combination, as well as numerous communication methods for the swift and easy transfer of employee data. Intuitive, powerful, and affordable, the Face ID 3 is the perfect match for tech-savvy modern businesses. Learn more at


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