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Holiday Bonuses and Small Businesses

Two thirds of HR and Hiring Managers say they plan to offer holiday bonuses–and of the third who don’t, most plan to offer some other seasonal perks. No one wants to disappoint their employees, but when you’re a small business owner, it can be tricky to figure out an appropriate holiday offering that makes sense […]

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Tips for Making Shop Small Saturday a Success

Shop Small Saturday is coming up soon–November 28th, to be exact. Learn about the history here, and use these tips to make it a success for your business!   Start Promoting Early SSS is fun, and it’s an event shoppers are more likely to feel good about than, say, all that Black Friday insanity. Get […]

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Shop Small Saturday: The Story of a Tradition

Shop Small Saturday is a holiday established to promote small businesses. First created by American Express in 2010, SSS is basically the more local-friendly counterweight to the infamous Black Friday (and more recent Cyber Monday). It occurs the weekend after Thanksgiving. Some other fun facts about SSS:   Small Business Saturday v. SSS Small Business […]

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Seven Musts for Managing Workplace Friendships

Workplace friendships can be fun, inspiring, and even boost productivity. But, they can also go awry, and potentially wreak havoc on your career and even emotional well-being. Try these tips to maintain healthy and successful workplace friendships.     Go Slow Don’t dive in too fast to new friendships. The reality is that the office […]

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The Case for Card Systems

In today’s market, employers have an ever increasing number of time tracking solutions available. Facing so many choices, picking one can be daunting. Managers and business owners are left to decide what will work best for their business and budget. One option which remains popular is the card or badge swipe system, which allows employees […]

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New Study Reveals Best and Worst States and Cities for Small Businesses

A recently released study sheds light on the best states for small business. Thumbtack, a marketplace that connects contract and freelance professionals with businesses across the U.S., ranked states based on feedback from more than 18,000 small business owners. Factors rated include local laws regulating small businesses, perceived “friendliness” of the area by business owners, […]

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Tips for Effectively Managing High School Students

For many teens, seasonal summer jobs are a rite of passage. Somewhat rarer are teen job seekers who pursue jobs after school, either out of financial need, personal drive, or a desire to excel for college applications. While teenagers have a more limited schedule than the average professional, they are often extraordinarily motivated and highly trainable. […]

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