Combine Biometrics with Innovative Software

ofis gatewayBiometric time clocks are powerful office solutions, enabling managers to get a more complete sense of operations in the workplace. These time clocks also leverage the latest biometric technology to make clocking in more convenient for employees. With top-of-the-line security features, biometric units protect against unauthorized entry and restrict access to approved personnel. These features all make biometric time clock models some of the best standalone technology available to today’s businesses — but as important as these units can be, they provide even greater value in combination with innovative and intuitive time clock software.

Many of FingerTec USA’s biometric models come bundled with software such as the TCMS V2 management suite, a complex and user-friendly set of time tracking utilities. With insight from the company’s representatives, customers can decide on a combination of biometric clock units and centralized software programs that meets their business needs. When a business employs a hardware solution alongside a software platform from the same designers, the result is fantastic synergy and seamless integration. FingerTec USA offers multiple software options to complement its wide selection of fingerprint and biometric time clocks. Browse the Software section or get in touch with a company representative to learn more about the employee management and time tracking software on the market today:

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