Ingressus I: Access Control Terminals for Office Security

ingressus2-400-01-08Biometric time clocks and other access control and attendance devices have a lot to offer a business of any size. Smaller businesses can use biometric clock-in models to more accurately track employee attendance, ensuring every member of the team has an up-to-date record of their time in the office. For larger businesses, biometric time clocks serve an additional purpose as security technology, protecting personnel and on-site resources from unauthorized access. Most of the devices created by leading designers at FingerTec USA are automated, using biometric credentials to authorize selected users for entry and screen unknown visitors at the door. In addition to these fingerprint, ID, and facial recognition door locks, FingerTec USA also manufactures controller terminals that verify the identities of users.

The Ingressus I is the most intuitive access control model in this style, designed to work with access terminals to provide an additional layer of protection against unwanted entry. Ingressus controllers act independently in their own areas but can be combined into a single network featuring centralized data, enabling quick access to security records. This also allows security personnel and managers to get a more comprehensive view of overall security at a glance. The Ingressus I is a smart choice for larger businesses or any company looking for a central access control device: visit FingerTec USA to find out more about this innovative tech solution.

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