Stand-Alone Access Control: The H3i

h3i-400-01-01Most of the biometric time clock and access controls models on sale through the FingerTec USA online store are designed to be integrated into a larger system that logs attendance data, allowing managers to easily view and act on personnel information. While this functionality is a powerful tool for a business of any size, not every company needs a networked solution. For some businesses, including smaller companies or home offices, a compact stand-alone solution is more suitable. The H3i is among FingerTec USA’s bestselling models for this type of setup and offers numerous advantages to businesses in need of fundamental security technology. Easy installation makes the H3i a natural fit in almost any environment. Compact dimensions ensure that the H3i can be a convenient part of any office setup without taking up valuable space.

The H3i is a one-stop solution for access control needs, offering multiple methods of identity verification. Users can choose to use fingerprints, card IDs, 4-digit passwords, or any combination of any two methods. This enables every biometric time clock owner to tailor the performance of their device to meet their own individual goals. This popular choice is a powerful yet affordable biometric device: find out more at

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