Effective Biometric Fingerprint Technology for Less Than You Think

Founded in 2000, FingerTecUSA’s goal has been to enhance security and efficiency for businesses using ultra-modern Biometric Fingerprint technology. The science of biometrics has advanced considerably in recent years, and this progress has helped make these technologies more affordable than ever before. What was once the domain of government agencies and large companies is now accessible by small and medium-sized businesses who want to buttress their safety and productivity with quality products from FingerTecUSA.

Why Biometric Security Is the Best Identity Access Solution

Most identity access systems are based on one of three principles – What Do You Have, What Do You Know, and Who Are You. “What Do You Have” refers to something a person carries, like a card or key. “What Do You Know” involves a passcode or PIN, while “Who Are You” requires some sort of physical evidence. Of these three, “Who Are You” is the most secure, and is what FingerTecUSA is all about. Face recognition and related systems all point to the same immutable truth – it’s impossible for you to become someone else! And unlike cards or keys, you can never lose your fingerprints, irises or voice.

Use Identity Access, Time Clock Systems, and More to Help Your Business

Protect access to your business as never before with the incredible FingerTec M2 Access Control Model. This amazing device incorporates biometric finger and RFID/MIFARE card systems for verification, is equipped with USB for easy data transfer, can be programmed to trigger alarm systems, and is virtually weatherproof. Stop depending on outdated time card machines and streamline your workforce productivity with the FingerTec TimeLine 100. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, this machine can store your employees’ information and is an indispensible tool for attendance tracking and monitoring. Shop with confidence at FingerTecUSA knowing that we stand behind our products with a one-year warranty and world class service. Our mission is to help our customers realize the full potential of face recognition and biometric fingerprint technology, keeping your company safe and running smoothly.