How Biometric Technology Will Benefit your Company

  1. Fingerprint door lockIncrease Manager Productivity: Using a paper punch system means managers have to manually count up all the hours and calculate how much each individual will be paid–a tedious and time-intensive process. Biometric attendance technology lists all attendance information in an organized digital database, allowing managers to focus on higher level tasks.

  2. Eliminate “Buddy-punching”: Outdated paper-punch systems leave managers vulnerable to employees punching in for their colleagues. Biometric attendance technology mitigates this time theft by requiring an inimitable fingerprint or retina scan for check-in.

  3. Prevent Payroll Errors: Reducing human error and streamlining your payroll process is what Fingertec USA is all about. Under or over-paying employees is a preventable problem, made simpler with the incorporation of sophisticated, affordable biometric technology.

  4. Ensure Employee Punctuality: Hold your employees accountable using your biometric attendance database. This will help you hold employees accountable for their tardiness on that exact day, as well as encouraging employees to be responsible for their punctuality.

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