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Combine Biometrics with Innovative Software

Biometric time clocks are powerful office solutions, enabling managers to get a more complete sense of operations in the workplace. These time clocks also leverage the latest biometric technology to make clocking in more convenient for employees. With top-of-the-line security features, biometric units protect against unauthorized entry and restrict access to approved personnel. These features […]

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Streamline Operations, Reduce Expenses: Biometric Technology

Biometric time clock technology offers its users a wide suite of potential benefits. As the foremost designers of biometric time clock models, FingerTec USA produces technology solutions to meet an array of business needs. Some models are optimized for access control and serve primarily as security tech, protecting valuable on-site resources as well as employees […]

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Advanced Facial Recognition with the Face ID 3

Each biometric time clock or access control device uses a different set of biometric data to verify employee identities. A majority of biometric models available today for use in businesses use fingerprint scans in order to control access to restricted spaces and confirm employee identities for time tracking. Since fingerprints are unique, practically impossible to […]

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Ingressus I: Access Control Terminals for Office Security

Biometric time clocks and other access control and attendance devices have a lot to offer a business of any size. Smaller businesses can use biometric clock-in models to more accurately track employee attendance, ensuring every member of the team has an up-to-date record of their time in the office. For larger businesses, biometric time clocks […]

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Fingerprint Door Lock Value: The Keylock 7700

Fingerprint door locks are a modern security solution, powered by  the latest biometric technology. These door locks have the same basic construction as traditional mechanical locks and offer the same reliable security alongside a much more robust access control system. The Keylock 7700 is one of the most advanced models available today, offering building managers […]

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Online Deals on Biometric Time Clock Hardware

A biometric time clock uses advanced technology to more accurately identify every employee and visitor to a workplace, control access to restricted areas, and provide actionable data to managers about attendance and schedules. Like most high-tech office equipment, fingerprint time clocks streamline everyday processes and allow leaders to save both money and time on typical […]

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Enhance Security and Productivity: Identity Access

Biometric technology, one of the most advanced solutions for access control and personnel management, offers business leaders a reliable, intuitive, and cost-effective solution for time tracking at any scale. The benefits of biometric technology for productivity and time management are well-documented, but like any advanced technology, biometric hardware can provide even greater value with the right implementation […]

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How Biometric Technology Will Benefit your Company

Increase Manager Productivity: Using a paper punch system means managers have to manually count up all the hours and calculate how much each individual will be paid–a tedious and time-intensive process. Biometric attendance technology lists all attendance information in an organized digital database, allowing managers to focus on higher level tasks. Eliminate “Buddy-punching”: Outdated paper-punch […]

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