Fingerprint Door Lock Value: The Keylock 7700

kl7700-800-01-08Fingerprint door locks are a modern security solution, powered by  the latest biometric technology. These door locks have the same basic construction as traditional mechanical locks and offer the same reliable security alongside a much more robust access control system. The Keylock 7700 is one of the most advanced models available today, offering building managers and business leaders exceptional value and top performance. This unit installs directly onto the door that leads to a restricted area, replacing the standard door lock and doorknob. Once installed, the Keylock 7700 can be configured to accept fingerprint data with its built-in scanner as well as an access card or a six-digit password. Each of these means offers a step up in security from traditional keys, which can be lost, forgotten, and even copied or forged.

The Keylock 7700 is designed for use in workplaces with significant resources to protect. It’s often deployed on doors that lead to executive-only offices, storage facilities, or rooms that house sensitive information. Compact and ergonomic yet powerful, this biometric model has space for 500 fingerprints in its on-board storage, allowing it to secure small as well as mid-size businesses. Best of all, the Keylock 7700 is an affordable choice, available at a special sale price of just $499 from FingerTec USA. Visit the product page to find out more about this innovative security solution.


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