The Case for Card Systems

In today’s market, employers have an ever increasing number of time tracking solutions available. Facing so many choices, picking one can be daunting. Managers and business owners are left to decide what will work best for their business and budget. One option which remains popular is the card or badge swipe system, which allows employees to swipe in and out using their badges or IDs. Here, some of the top reasons why this option works for so many businesses.




Doesn’t Require Wi-Fi

Most time clock devices with card or badge options do not require internet access, making it perfect for a wide variety of work settings. Transaction logs can even be removed via USB to be added to your digital records.



Complete RFID badge swipe systems start as low as $300–that includes the device, software, hardware, and cards. It’s an all-in-one cost (versus subscription based), so once purchased, a recurring payment isn’t something you’ll need to worry about. Support fees vary, but FingerTec systems come included with six months free support.


Reinforces the Importance of an ID Badge

ID badges are very helpful in the workplace. They help foster a sense of teamwork, make communication easier for customers, and help make the workplace more secure–but only if employees wear them. When the ID badge is also a key to clocking in, it becomes essential to employees–and therefore, less likely to end up lost or forgotten at home.


User Friendly

For employees, it doesn’t get much easier than an RFID badge swipe system. It’s also easy for employers to review the data and generate reports. Less bells and whistles make for a straightforward time tracking system that frees everyone up to get more done.
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