Tips for Making Shop Small Saturday a Success

Shop Small Saturday is coming up soon–November 28th, to be exact. Learn about the history here, and use these tips to make it a success for your business!


Start Promoting Early
SSS is fun, and it’s an event shoppers are more likely to feel good about than, say, all that Black Friday insanity. Get your customers geared up for that fun well in advance. Put up signs in your window displays, add a section to your website, and push it on social media. If your company hasn’t explored FB ads in the past, now is a perfect time to start! They’re relatively inexpensive (five bucks a day 3-4 days a week does wonders) and you can target very precisely by location and interests. You can craft ads, or simply promote posts about #SSS to your current followers and/or those who aren’t yet fans of your business.
Team Up
Collaborate with other businesses on your block or in your ‘hood to set up interactive activities, like a scavenger hunt. This helps set SSS up as a social activity—one, folks can have a blast participating in together and plan their weekend around your company’s event. And two, it also helps you get to know your business neighbors, and can set the stage for future teamwork and brainstorming that could well be a win-win for both parties!


SSS is a great chance to have a good time--and bring in new customers!

SSS is a great chance to have a good time–and bring in new customers!

Target the Tummy
Plan to serve snacks and beverages as part of an “open house” hospitality strategy. Most of us have a soft spot for free food–it’s a great way to bring customers in. Just make sure you include the promises of tasty refreshments in your pre-event promotions! Bonus points for teaming with nearby restaurants or bakeries to offer some local flavor and spread some positive PR for your SSS cohorts!
Work With Your Vendors
Get in touch with your vendors to see about any promos they’re offering, so that you can include these in your SSS strategy.
With all this seasonal excitement, it’s especially important to make sure you’re on point with your business basics, including security and employee time tracking. Contact us if you need help– 1-800-921-4270!


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