TV That Teaches: Three Shows for Gleaning Small Business Savvy


Pitches and Marketing Perfector: Shark Tank

Fans of Shark Tank fall into two categories: those who watch for the latest cool idea or gadget, and those who watch for the guilty pleasure of seeing pitches crash and burn. Both reasons can be super helpful for business owners. Seeing a neat app or product can offer inspiration for improving your inventory or organization systems. And seeing those failures can help you better learn how not to sell your business. Seriously–even the best ideas sound ridiculous when delivered by shaky, nervous presenters or explained in a long-winded, convoluted way.


Master Course in Sales Strategy: Say Yes To The Dress
Look–we’re not total cynics, and there’s probably some element of truth to the idea that there is such thing as “the one” when it comes to bridal gowns. But the concept of a “yes dress” is some serious sales genius. It elevates dress-shopping to soul-searching. Every episode–and every season/spin-off–offers insight into inspired salesmanship. Just pay attention to how often brides-to-be and their families /friends are successfully persuaded to go just a bit over their original budget, but still leave feeling great. There are so many expert little moves, so many applications of smart psychology, and so much sales team teamwork to get to that final “I’m saying yes to the dress!”–it’s really remarkable.

The Hero of Organization: Bar Rescue
John Taffer transforms underperforming bars in a way that’s entertaining and emotionally resonant, yet at its core based in economic science. Sure, his creative flourishes (from “butt tunnels,” to revamped themes, to unique cocktails) are fun to watch, but it’s his attention to business basics that makes all the difference. His first move is almost always to implement systems for clearly measuring inventory, improving system security, and making sure employees are trained and paid appropriately.



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