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Three HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Small business owners often wear many hats. Among them HR can sprawl into a full time position. This can result in mistakes that make it difficult for employees to work, easier for the IRS to target you, and can distract business owners from the important task of managing their business. Below, some of the top […]

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How Safe Do Your Employees Feel?

Recently, released the results of a massive online survey in which 3,100 full-time workers described how safe they felt in their workplaces. While 94% of respondents said that they generally feel safe at their place of work, when asked about specific scenarios, many expressed concerns. In particular, a startling number of workers do not […]

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Four Tech and Hardware Hacks for Small Businesses

Small businesses have been described as the backbone of the US economy. That’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders–and why you deserve all the help you can get streamlining operations. Here are three tools to help make running your small business easier than ever!   A Sturdy, Easy to Use Time Clock An easy […]

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Why Switch to a Digital Visitor Management System

Still using paper sign in sheets? A digital VMS offers a variety of of benefits to your business, your guests, and your employees. Here are some reasons to consider a major upgrade. Streamlined Visitor Process Coordinating a meeting at a secure site can be a sensitive process. The wrong VMS system can leave a client […]

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Four Steps to Turn Your Security and Attendance Systems Into A Learning Experience

Attendance software and visitor management systems are vital for schools and many businesses—however, they can be intimidating, especially for young kids. Whether you’re drafting a lesson plan or coordinating a “bring your child to work” day, use these tips to help make your digital systems into a learning experience and inspire the next generation! Offer […]

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Miami International Airport Jumps On The Biometric Identity Verification Bandwagon

Travelers flying from MIA can now bypass traditional passport and ID checks. CLEAR program members simply verify their identification through fingerprint or iris scans and proceed to security. Memberships start at $179, but members can add additional family members to their plan for $50 (and children under 18 can be added free of charge). Pricey […]

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Work Life Integration: A Primer For Management Part II

Part II: How Supporting work life integration for your employees offers many benefits, but often employers don’t know quite where to start. Here are some ideas:   More Nuanced Attendance Policies Addressing attendance abnormalities can be a great place to start forging a new attendance policy. For example, could you formally allow works to take […]

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